Coloring the Notes

Informed performance and extended techniques for contemporary European music for Bassoon, written from the 1950s until today.


Mavroudes Troullos, PhD in the Arts

Based on my academic and professional experience as a Bassoonist, I have realized that there is a lack of artistic and technical skills when it comes to performing contemporary music written for bassoon even among graduate students and professionals, mainly because of their limited exposure to such works.  More specifically, bassoonists tend to be unfamiliar with such music, as there is a lack of comprehensive sources and databases of contemporary works written for bassoon, and the number of pertinent recitals and recordings is very limited.  Many significant contemporary pieces for bassoon remain in obscurity and deserve to be brought to light.  Well informed performances of this repertoire, including an analysis of extended techniques, will help the majority of my fellow instrumentalists and the public to become more familiar with this music

Dr. Carl Van Eyndhoven (supervisor, KU Leuven/LUCA)
Mr. Bert Helsen (co-supervisor, LUCA)

Research unit: Music & Drama

Duration: 2019 - 2027

Database of contemporary European music for Bassoon, written from the 1950s until today


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Aubin, T. Concertino della Brughiera
Arnold, M. Fantasy op. 26 

Andriessen, L. Lacrimosa 

Acker, D.  Monodie für Fagott Solo
Aitken, H. Montages 
Arma, P. Resonances
Artyomov, V. Rezitation V   
Arma, P. Trois Evolutions 
Applebaum, A. Trilogy 
Apostel, H. E.  Sonatine op. 19 no. 3                                                                                                                                       


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Berg, O. Brief study 

Börtz, D. Concerto bsn solo, band 

Barrett, R.  Alba for bassoon and electronics
Bozay, A. Episodi
Bartolozzi, B. Collage 

Baden, C. Concerto for Bassoon and Strings, op. 126 

Blanquer, A.  Concerto pour basson et orchestre à cordes 

Beurden, B. van Estampie 

Bäck, S.E. FA-CE PI 

Brewaeys, L. Immer weiter, oder..? for solo bassoon 

Boulez, P.  Dialogue de l'ombre double for bassoon and electronics
Block, H.V. Four Fragments 

Bousch, F. Espace Temps (tape)
Berg, O. Inizio for Bassoon and Strings 

Borsody, L. Forgácsok kilenc darab szólófagottra 

Boutry, R. Douze études atonales pour basson 

Bruns, V. 4 Virtuoso Pieces, op. 93    

Bruns, V. 4 Concerti 

Borenstein, N.  Concerto for bassoon and string orchestra opus 56a 

Bikkembergs, K.  Jura Bassoon 

Bernaud, A. Hallucinations 

Brewaeys, L. Le chant de la sirène for solo bassoon 

Billone, P. Legno: Edre 

Berghmans, J.  Les oursons savants

Brandmüller, T.  Katgurmondisedootrisch (quatre gourmandises d'Autriche) für Fagott  

Bolles, M.'Listen' piece after e.e. cummings 

Bruns, V.  3 Sonatas
Börtz, D. Monologhi 2 

Brewaeys, L.Parametric permutations for bassoon 

Brons, C. Monoloog IV 

Berio, L. Sequenza
Boukouvalas, D."Μια αόρατη πόλη" for bassoon and piano   
Berg, O. Vertigo 
Bischof, R.  Transfigurazione op. 42 per fagotto solo 
Burns, M.  Swamp Song (+tape)
Brotons, S.  Subtle Dialogues for Bassoon and Percussion
Berg, O.  Sonatine
Bradshaw, R. J. Sonatina No. 7 "Ad hoc" for bassoon & strings and/or piano     
Bon, W. F. Sonate op. 32 
Bennett, R. R. Sonata for Bassoon and Piano
Bibalo, A Sonata   
Berg, O. A Brief Study for Bassoon Solo 
Ballif, C. Solfegietto nr. 11
Billone, P.  Solo Bassoon