Coloring the Notes

Informed performance and extended techniques for contemporary European music for Bassoon, written from the 1950s until today.


Mavroudes Troullos, PhD in the Arts

Based on my academic and professional experience as a Bassoonist, I have realized that there is a lack of artistic and technical skills when it comes to performing contemporary music written for bassoon even among graduate students and professionals, mainly because of their limited exposure to such works.  More specifically, bassoonists tend to be unfamiliar with such music, as there is a lack of comprehensive sources and databases of contemporary works written for bassoon, and the number of pertinent recitals and recordings is very limited.  Many significant contemporary pieces for bassoon remain in obscurity and deserve to be brought to light.  Well informed performances of this repertoire, including an analysis of extended techniques, will help the majority of my fellow instrumentalists and the public to become more familiar with this music

Dr. Carl Van Eyndhoven (supervisor, KU Leuven/LUCA)
Mr. Bert Helsen (co-supervisor, LUCA)

Research unit: Music & Drama

Duration: 2019 - 2027

Database of contemporary European music for Bassoon, written from the 1950s until today


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Aubin, T. Concertino della Brughiera
Arnold, M. Fantasy op. 26 

Andriessen, L. Lacrimosa 

Acker, D.  Monodie für Fagott Solo
Aitken, H. Montages 
Arma, P. Resonances
Artyomov, V. Rezitation V   
Arma, P. Trois Evolutions 
Applebaum, A. Trilogy 
Apostel, H. E.  Sonatine op. 19 no. 3                                                                                                                                       


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Berg, O. Brief study 

Börtz, D. Concerto bsn solo, band 

Barrett, R.  Alba for bassoon and electronics
Bozay, A. Episodi
Bartolozzi, B. Collage 

Baden, C. Concerto for Bassoon and Strings, op. 126 

Blanquer, A.  Concerto pour basson et orchestre à cordes 

Beurden, B. van Estampie 

Bäck, S.E. FA-CE PI 

Brewaeys, L. Immer weiter, oder..? for solo bassoon 

Boulez, P.  Dialogue de l'ombre double for bassoon and electronics
Block, H.V. Four Fragments 

Bousch, F. Espace Temps (tape)
Berg, O. Inizio for Bassoon and Strings 

Borsody, L. Forgácsok kilenc darab szólófagottra 

Boutry, R. Douze études atonales pour basson 

Bruns, V. 4 Virtuoso Pieces, op. 93    

Bruns, V. 4 Concerti 

Borenstein, N.  Concerto for bassoon and string orchestra opus 56a 

Bikkembergs, K.  Jura Bassoon 

Bernaud, A. Hallucinations 

Brewaeys, L. Le chant de la sirène for solo bassoon 

Billone, P. Legno: Edre 

Berghmans, J.  Les oursons savants

Brandmüller, T.  Katgurmondisedootrisch (quatre gourmandises d'Autriche) für Fagott  

Bolles, M.'Listen' piece after e.e. cummings 

Bruns, V.  3 Sonatas
Börtz, D. Monologhi 2 

Brewaeys, L.Parametric permutations for bassoon 

Brons, C. Monoloog IV 

Berio, L. Sequenza
Boukouvalas, D."Μια αόρατη πόλη" for bassoon and piano   
Berg, O. Vertigo 
Bischof, R.  Transfigurazione op. 42 per fagotto solo 
Burns, M.  Swamp Song (+tape)
Brotons, S.  Subtle Dialogues for Bassoon and Percussion
Berg, O.  Sonatine
Bradshaw, R. J. Sonatina No. 7 "Ad hoc" for bassoon & strings and/or piano     
Bon, W. F. Sonate op. 32 
Bennett, R. R. Sonata for Bassoon and Piano
Bibalo, A Sonata   
Berg, O. A Brief Study for Bassoon Solo 
Ballif, C. Solfegietto nr. 11
Billone, P.  Solo Bassoon                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


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Chamberlain, D. Beck and Call (+tape) 

Celis, F. Concertino op. 38 

Cohn, A. Declamation and Toccata 

Coppens, C. A. BASSOON or later / FAGOTsspraak: in fagotische stijl / Propos à BASSON rompu 

Cost, D. I and the Electrician (+electr.)    

Casken, J.  Blue Medusa 

Cohn, A. Hebraic Study

Craens, A. Kleine mars voor Elvire 

Craens, A. Le muy 

Cytron, W. A. Mushrooms 

Csemiczky, M. Partita 

Condé, G. Rhapsodie 

Causton, R. Soliloquy
Cope, D. Three pieces   
Cooke, A. Sonata   
Cornilios, N. Ode   
Coppens, C. A. fagotsspraak: in fagotische stijl                                                                                                                                      


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Davies, M. ; Strathclyde, P. Concerto No. 8 for Bassoon and Orchestra 

Donatoni, F. Concerto for bassoon 

Dovgan, V.  Fantasia
Denisov, E. Five Etudes for Solo Bassoon 

Dubrovay, L. Cinque Pezzi 

Diederichs, Y. Emergences 

De Smet, R. A la recherche de... IV 

De Smet, R. À la recherche de...III 

Dufourt, H.  Le Corbeau 

De Vienne, B. L'Ultima lettera 

Darlas, A.  Karpos Elaiou, Endoxora 44 for bassoon 

Diemente, E. For Lady Day (+tape, 3 rec. Parts) 

 Dreyfus, G. Odyssey for a lone bassoon 

Derchsel, O.  Sieben Stücke für Fagott solo op.14 

Dinescu, V. Satya II 

De Middeleer, J. Recitativo e allegro 

Dao, N.T. Vang Vong I/II     
Darbellay, J.L. Vestiges
Dittrich, P.H. the -m- for bassoon and Live Electronics after an epigram of e.e. cummings 
Darlas, A.  Strovos XIV for bassoon
De Gastyne, S.  Sonatina, Op. 58
Denissov, E. Sonate   
Denisov, E.  Sonata for solo bassoon
Defresne, P. Sillons Multiples Fagot
De Regt, H. Partita per Fagotto Solo                                                                                                                                                         



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Eliasson, A. Concerto
Eder, H. Concerto, op. 49
Eyser, E. Fasonett 

Erbse, H. Four Lyric Pieces, op. 39a

Engelmann, H. U.  Modus: 

Erdmann, D. Petite conversation
Evensen, B.K. Twilight for Bassoon and Piano    
Ebenhöh, H.   Sonatine op. 47/4 
Eder, H.  Sonatina op. 34/3 
Eröd, I.  Sonate ("Sonata Milanese"), op. 47   
Eyser, E. Sonata                                                                                                                                                                                          



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Fongaard, B. Concerto for Bassoon and Tape op. 131 #10
Fongaard, B. Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra, op. 120, #12
Franzén, O.  From the junction-point (bassoon/live electronics)
Feld, J. Concerto

Feiler, D. Kvana 

Firsova, E.  Monolog op. 41
Flammer, E. H. Neues Werk
Farago, M. Phantasy, op. 40a on a theme by Paganini
Fritts, L. Pre-Images (+tape)
Feneleon, P. Paral.lel pour basson (for Ouzounoff)
Fongaard, B.  Sonata No. 1-2 for Bassoon, op. 125, #14-15
Fongaard, B. Sonata per fagotto, op. 109, #1
Fongaard, B.  Sonatina for Bassoon and Piano, op. 126
Feld, J. Sonatine
Farago, M. Variations on a theme of Corelli
Fouillaud, P. Volumen                                                                                                                                                                     




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Gubaidulina, S. Concerto for bassoon and low strings
Goddard, M.  Buffoonery
Gubaidulina, S.Duo sonata for two bassoons
Gaathaug, M.Divertimento for Solo Bassoon, B minor, op. 3
Gelbrun, A.Miniature for Bassoon
Gartenlaub, O. Profils
Gotkovsky, I.Variations concertantes
Gartenlaub, O.  Sonatine 
Gagnidze, M. Sonata #2   
Gagnidze, M.  Sonata #1   
Geysen, F.Solo per solum                                                                                                                                                                          



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Hanmer, R. Bassoon Bagatelles
Hope, P. Concertino for bassoon and orchestra
Hartzell, E.  Divertimento (Monologue #3)
Hölszky, A. Gitter für Fagott solo
Hersant, P. Hopi for Solo Bassoon
Hudry, D.  Impromptu pour un monodrame
Hatzimichelakis, G. A Winter Image for bassoon and piano
Hersant, P.  8 pièces pour basson et ensemble (solo bassoon and 7 instruments)
Herchet, J. Komposition für fagott solo
Hersant, P. Kitoo for basson and chamber choir
Hatzimichelakis, G. Invention on Bassooon Colours
Huber, N. A. Mit Erinnerung für Fagott solo
Hersant, P. Niggun
Herfert, F. J. Nosbach
Hesselberg, E. Scherzino for Bsn and Orch/Band
Hosokawa, T. Sen VII
Hersant, P. Wanderung for bassoon and female choir                                                                                                         
Hines, E. J. Yeni Makam I   
Herman, M.  "Swing Abeba" 
Holliger, H. Three Pieces for Bassoon Solo             
Haba, A.  Suite op. 69 
Hanchet, P. Stop Daydreaming! (Reverie and Reproof)
Hedwall, L. Sonata 
Heininen, P. Gymel op. 39 (1984) (bsn/tape) 
Henderickx, W. Ronddolen  
Hughes, E.  Six Low Solos 
Hurel, P. Musica 2 pour basson et piano                                                                                                                                                 




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Joubert, J. Bassoon Concerto
Janovický, K. Bassoon Quartet
Johanson, S. E. Hans Fagott
Jolivet, A. Concerto
Jacopucci, A. Traiettoria 
Janovický, K.  Sonata for bassoon and Piano                                                                                                                                        



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Kasparov, Y. Ballad for bassoon and piano
Kagel, M. Atem (tape)
Kaneta, C. Ambivalence IV
Kasparov, Y. Concerto for bassoon and symphony orchestra
Kasparov, Y. Crossthoughts for bassoon and cello quartet
Keller, G. Ebauches
Korvits, T.  Elegies for bassoon and mixed choir
Keffalas, M.  Chaotaxia for bassoon and piano
Kasparov, Y. Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra
Knipper, L. Concerto for bassoon and strings
Kosona, F.  "Flow"
Kielland, O. Elegie
Kokkoris, E. Dialogues for bassoon and piano
Kasparov, Y. Goat Song for bassoon, double-bass and percussion
Karlsen, K. M. Choral Sonata #2, op. 13, #2 (1971) Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir (bsn/org)
Kasparov, Y.  Chaconne for bassoon, cello and live electronics
Krauze, Z. "Je préfère qu'il chante"
Kvandal, J. Legende Op. 61B
Kvam, O. S. Monofoni for fagott: Fra 5 monofonier for blasekvintett, op. 43
Koch, E. von    Monolog 5
Kurtág, G. Pilinszky János: Gérard de Nerval
Krasilnikov, I. Polyphonic Suite
Kosona, F."Pulsation"
Krätzschmar, W. Solitude I für fagott solo
Korvits, T. Solitudes for bassoon solo
Kasparov, Y. Samples of Interrelations Between Bassoon, 8 Double-Basses and 8 Timpani
Kegel, J. Inventions for bassoon
Kurtág, G.  Játékok és üzenetek for solo bassoon
Katzer, G. Pezzo per fagotto
Kasparov, Y. Over Eternal Peace, chamber concerto for bassoon and 14 performers
Kasparov, Y. 12 Samples of Interrelations between bassoon, 8 double-basses and 8 kettle-drums
Krivitsky, D. 2 Concert Pieces 
Kleiberg, S. Understrømmer   
Krivitsky, D. Two Concert Pieces 
Kobekin, V. Triptych
Kasparov, Y. Three short statements for bassoon solo
Kanach, S. Stone No. 1 (tape)
Korvits, T.  Song for a distant friend for solo bassoon 
Kasparov, Y.  Sonata Infernale for bassoon solo                                                                                                                                 






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Lerstad, T. Bassoon solo op. 136
Lysight, M. Chronographie III
Lysight, M. Concerto
Leidel, W. G. Drei Aperçus für Fagott op. 197 Nr. 1
Lofe, I. Doubts
LeBaron, A. After a Damnit to Hell
Larsson, L.E.  Concertino, Op. 45, #4
Lauck, T. "fliessend-wohin?" (+Hi-Hat)
Lysight, M. De part et d'autre
Lann, V. Happy Birthday 234!
Loevendie, T. Gassir's dream for contrabassoon (or bassoon) solo
Lysight, M. Labyrinthes
Leitermeyer, F. Monologue op. 64
Lewis, R. H. Monophony No. 4
Lang, D. Press Release
Lysight, M. Reflexion
Lerstad, T. Scherzo, op. 60B for Bassoon and Winds
Leduc, J. 3 Bagatelles 
Lazaridou, M. Yunnes for bassoon and piano 
Lysight, M. Trois Croquis 
Leduc, J. Trois bagatelles op. 61 pour basson
Lysight, M. Thrène
Lancen, S. Sonatine   
Levit, V.  Sonatina
Lerstad, T. Sonate for Fagot og Klaver op. 192   
Lerstad, T. Sonata for Bsn and Pno, #2, op. 192
Lysight, M. Soleil bleu   
Lenot, J. L'ange (au sourire…)     
Larsen, L.  Jazz Variations 
Lewis, P.  Concerto Burlesco for bassoon and small orchestra
Lewis, P. Sonata Poppiflora for Bassoon and Piano
Lewis, P.  Sentimental Songs for Bassoon and Piano
Lewis, P.  Two Portraits for Bassoon and Harp or Piano



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Margoni, A. Après une lecture de Dreiser
Mestral, P. Bloc V
Maes, J. Burlesque for bassoon and piano
Meijering, C. Betty Boop
Meister, S. R. für Spielen (solo, with percussion)
Martin, F. Felix minium proir aetas
Mortensen, F. Fantasy for Bassoon Solo op. 16
Meijering, C. All Muscles and Teeth
Maros, M. Air
Meister, S. R.  Fantasmi
Manen, C. Les Enchantements de Circé, Récit d'Ulysse, op. 96
Maros, M. Manipulation I (solo with sequencer, ringmodulator, echo, shifter, more)
Marescotti, A.F. Giboulées
Meijering, C. "I can't get no satisfaction"
Montes de Oca, R. Laberinto se Espejos
Martin, F. Psaume XXII
Méfano, P. Scintillante (+sampler)
Meijering, C. "Neo-Geo" Concert for Bassoon and orchestra
Miereanu, C. Solo IV Rythmodies (pour basson amplifié)
Meijering, C. "Rose-fingered-dawn at Louse-point" after the title of a painting of 'De Kooning'
Mellnäs, A. Soliloquium IV (solo with optional electronic alterations)
Madsen, T. Sonate for Bassoon and Piano, Op. 25
Meijering, C. "Stretch your petticoat" for bsn solo and string quintet
Martelli, H. Thème Varié 74
Morthenson, J. W. Unisono. Duo     
Mc Hugh, B. "U…" for Solo Bassoon
Mutschke, W. Timbres 
Mc Cormack, T. Body Matter                                                                                                                                                                           





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Näther, G. Burleske
Nordstrøm, H.H.  Another kind of stillness
Navok, L. Ex Silentium for bassoon and piano
Nunn, P.  Gonk for Bassoon and Sound File
Nordensten, F. T. Four Studies for Bassoon Solo
Naessén, R. Concerto for bassoon and wind band
Niculescu, S. Monophonie
Neyrinck, F. Schubert Echo I part 1 of "Der Wanderer" for bassoon solo
Neuwirth, O. torsion (2003/2005) für Fagott solo   
Naessén, R. Sonata divina
Nelhybel, V.  Sonata da chiesa No. 3 Variations on "Our God Almighty"                                                                                         



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Organn, R.  Fantasia
Ouzounoff, A. Attendre, Savoir attendre...
O'Riordan, K. Temptation
Ouzounoff, A. NAIROBI, la nuit (bsn/perc)                                                                                                                                            



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Philippot, M. Composition pour basson et piano
Panufnik, A.  Concerto for bassoon and small orchestra
Präsent, G. "Erödiana (Capriccio Erödico)"
Panufnik, A.  Concerto
Petit, J.L.  Grotesque
Pavlenko, S. In Denisov's Mimicry
Pavlenko, S. 4 Pieces
Petit, J.L. Les Paradis se rencontrent, ils ne se fabriquent pas
Petit, J.L. Ode à Marie
Petit, J.L. Retour I
Perrin, R. Vers l'horizon vertical for bassoon solo
Petit, P. Thème et Variations 
Plagge, W.  Sonata, op. 43
Plagge, W. Sonata II, op. 74 
Petit, J.L.  Litanie, Voci   
Präsent, G. Solo for a Woodwind Player 1979/95 Version for Solo Bassoon   
Pichaureau, C. Nymphea-Lotus 
Persichetti, V.  Parable op. 110                                                                                                                                                                 



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Ridout, A. Bassoon Sonata
Rubin, M. Concerto
Rønnes, R.  Divertissement
Ridout, A. Bassoon Concertino
Rautavaara, E. Bassoon Sonata
Ridout, A. Concertino for bassoon and strings
Raskatov, A. Glossolali
Raskatov, A. M. Glosses für Fagott solo
Riedelbauch, H. Anagen II/81
Rønnes, R. Barna Palkos Kaffe-Tango
Rønnes, R. 5 Sonatas for Bassoon and Piano
Rønnes, R. 3ème suite pour basson-seul
Rønnes, R. 3 Suite
Riedelbauch, H. Der Gingganz
Rønnes, R. "Min Tid": 12 Poems by Charles Racine Bergesen
Racot, G. Noctuel (tape)
Rønnes, R. Nocturne
Rønnes, R. 3 Pieces
Rihm, W. Psalmus for bassoon and orchestra
Richter de Vroe, N. Neuen Zeilen
Ranieri, S. Tres Momentos
Rønnes, R. Timisoara: Sakral meditasjon over Romanias ofre 
Rollin, E. Sirènes   
Rønnes, R. La Stingas                                                                                                                                                                                 



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Sönstevold, K. Chewing Bassoon Burger (bsn/tape)
Sønstevold, G. Concertino
Šulek, S. Concerto for bassoon and orchestra
Staeps, H. U. Contours
Stäbler, G. estratto
Saeverud, H. Fagotto Concerto, op. 44
Salter, T. Imprints for bassoon and piano
Stockhausen, K. In Freundschaft für Fagott
Sønstevold, M. Fire Gjøglere for fagott solo
Slavicky, M. Drei Invetionen für fagott solo
Samuel, G. Dirge for John Cage
Sommerfeldt, Ø.  Divertimento for Bassoon Solo, op. 25
Serenas, G. Aerofagot
Sheng, B. 7 Short Yadhtrib Variations
Sesták, Z. 5 Virtuoso Inventions for Bassoon
Svoboda, T. Ballade, op. 35
Sandström, S. D. Convergence
Shchetinsky, A.  Lento pensieroso
Stockhausen, K. Fagott aus Orchester-Finalisten vom Mittwoch aus Licht
Stöckigt, M. Metamorphosen für Fagott solo
Salter, T. Monopolies for solo bassoon
Shimazu, T. Monodie B für Fagott
Svoboda, T.  Scherzo, op. 104
Sciortino, P.  Scorcels
Solal, M. Seul contre tous
Smirnova, T. Arabesques, op. 59, No. 1
Schenker, F. Solo I per fagotto come una musica di balletto
Stockhausen, K.  Solo (electr.)
Swerts, P.  Badinerie
Scelsi, G. Maknongan
Swerts, P. Rhapsodie
Sumarokov, V. Partita, Op. 7 (bsn/tape)
Salazar, R. Soliloquies II
Schmidt, C. Solo für Fagott
Shoot, V. / Schut, W. Solo per fagotto
Schenker, F. Solo per fagotto
Sluka, L. Sonata for Bassoon and Piano
Schnyder, D.  Sonata für Fagott und Piano
Smirnov, D.   Sonata, op. 22
Sønstevold, G.  Sonatina
Shore, C. Weltanschauung 
Sauget, H. Un soir a Saint Émilion
Sagvik, S. Svensk (angermanländsk) concertino op. 114e 
Smirnova, T.  Suite for bassoon and piano No. 2
Smirnova, T.  Suite for bassoon and piano No. 1 
Sbordoni, A.  Springs  
Stockhausen, K.  Spiral (electr.)
Schollum, R.  Sonatina, op. 57/3   
Schollum, R.  Sonatina, op. 55/3                                                                                                                                                             




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Tomasi, H. Chant corse
Tomasi, H. Concerto
Tisné, A.  Impressions Niçoises
Tomasi, H. 5 Danses Profanes et Sacrées
Tomasi, H.  Danses guerrières
Ton,T. "Jeu des cinq éléments"
Tome M."Monologue and Dialogue" - solo bassoon
Tsougras, C. Partita for bassoon solo
Takacs, J. Sonata Missoulana, op. 66  
Tisné, A. Soliloques 
Takacs, J. Quodlibet, op. 104



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 Uhl, A. Scherzo Capriccioso                                                                                                                                                             


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Verbraeken, C. CWV 1358 Vierde speelsheid voor Solo instrument fagot
Vaubourgoin, M. Concerto
Vustin, A. Music in 2 parts
Vustin, A. Weeping 
Vustin, A. To Flame                                                                                                                                                                                   



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Wolfgang, G. Continuum III - Fantasies for a Blue Bassoon
Wolfgang, G. Moods in Blue
Waterhouse, G. Phoenix arising
Weait, C. Variations; Lonely Island 
Wellesz, E. Suite op. 77
Weinberg, M. Sonata, op. 133 
Welin, K.E.  Solo per fagotto 
Wallmann, J. Rota for solo Bassoon / rota für Fagott solo
Weber, A. Palindromes     
Westerlinck, W. Hidden from all...for bassoon and piano left hand (or string quartet)                                                                                                                                                                     


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Zannoni, D. Sandro                                                                                                                                                                           


Database of extended techniques for Bassoon
(except of electronics and peripheral sounds)

  • Brassy effects 
  • Bisbiglisndi

  • Extreme high notes 
  • Exhaling into the crook 
  • Extreme soft sounds and colors 
  • Extension in the bell, to play a low a or harmonics on a low a 
  • Exhaling in toneholes

  • Flap with the reed 
  • Flap on the crook 
  • Flutter-tonguing

  • Glissandos

  • Horn tone 
  • Harmonics and overtones

  • Impossible legatos 
  • Impossible staccatos

  • Key clicks

  • Microintervals 
  • Multiphonics 
  • Mutes Muting the bell/ muting with keys

  • Pizzicato 
  • Palm Slaps 
  • Play with 2 bocals, bent together

  • Rip 
  • Rolling notes

  • Singing and playing 
  • Speaking and playing 
  • Smorzato

  • Trills 
  • Tremolos on 1 or 2 notes 

  • Vibrato 
  • Velvet sound

  • Wind sounds